Pokemon Go celebrates Halloween in a new event trailer

Mobile phenomenon Pokemon Go is getting its first in-game event to celebrate Halloween. Here's a trailer to prove it...

oining the always entertaining craze of special video game events themed after Halloween, developer Niantic Labs and the Pokemon Company has announced that it will be capitalising on the spookiest time of year by updating Pokemon GO with its first in-game event.

om October 26th to November 1st, Pokemon GO players will be able to participate the scariest thing to hit Pokemon GO since server crashes. If you're quite positive your nerves can withstand the shock, you can watch the trailer for this event below:

This Halloween event will not include any major gameplay alterations or updates (sorry fans), but it will take advantage of the festivities in a couple of creative ways. Most notably, anyone who plays during the event's runtime will have an increase chance of catching one of the game's horror-themed Pokemon. Along with the various ghost creatures such as Ghastly, this includes creatures such as Golbat, Hypno, and Drowzee. 

Because no Haloween celebrations are complete without candy, this update will also allow players to earn additional Pokemon Candy. Every time you catch a Pokemon during the Haloween event, you will be rewarded with six candies as opposed to the normal three. Transferring Pokemon to the Professor will also double your candy intake as you will receive two pieces instead of the normal one. 

It certainly would have been fantastic to hear that Niantic decided to use the occasion for some major new expansion to Pokemon GO, but this largely cosmetic update is in line with the ones games like Rocket League and Street Fighter V are set to receive for the season. 

Credit To Awsome denofgeek

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