3D Virtual Reality Video Glasses With Headset Mic


3D Virtual Reality Video Glasses With Headset Mic

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With Headset Mic Helmet Movie Imax 3D Virtual Reality Video Glasses VR Cardboard Eyeglass BOBOVR Z4 VRBOX for 4-6' Mobile Phone

1.120 degrees FOV large field of view, adopts Japanese imported PMMA lens, with 35mm focus showing a real view , make you enjoy your private cinema .

2.Built-in stretchable 3.5mm jack earphones, with soft memory foam for noise canceling. Immersive sound and 3D vision are integrated, provides an excellent experience

40mm diaphragm adopts PET material, more powerful sound .

3.    Comes with HD Microphone and answer call button , supports Volume adjustment .    

4.Suitable for people within 0 - 800 degrees myopia, and 0 - 400 degree hyperopia

Adjustable pupil fit for different users , it means that if you are myopia or hyperopia , you can use it without wearing glasses .

5.Lightweight design for long time comfort, reduces eye fatigue

6.Adjustable headband adds no burden to your head.


Suitable size

Weight 0.6KG
View angle 120°
IPD adjustment  Adjustable 
Sight adjustment  Adjustable 
Lens Blu-ray high-definition aspheric optical lens
Games Support the handle control and 3 d software
Media player Support 3 d video playback
Ear phone High fidelity telescopic headphones
Push to talk support
Volume control support
Simple game launch contacts support
Answer the phone wheat With headset one
Latex volume control contacts Left minus right plus
Face mask Ultra-thin breathable skin
Material Environmental Composites