Ring Circle Flash Selfie LED Light

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Ring Circle Flash Selfie LED Light

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Hey ladies, this product is for you !


*Universal, fits all smartphone types !

* Light shade with right soft power * Switch is inside of ring light , which prevents the misuse by the switch  * By several tests and moderately incline can the high light position in your face locate at the T-type part between the Eyebrows and the Eyebrow beam,  and cheeks are in shadow position .it will make three-dimensional effect immediately to your face in the photograph and with some hand pointed chin effect. * Three Levels Brightness: Suitable for all kinds of different shooting scenes. * Angle annular fill light, highlights the three-dimensional face. * Unique color temperature, make you more rosy.


* Width: About 22mm * Thickness: About 15mm * Diameter: About 9-13mm * Material: Plastic  * Chargeable: Yes * Changeable battery: NO * Brightness level: 3 * Light on time: 2 hours * Full charged time: 30 minutes * Charge port: micro USB * Charge voltage: 5V